Looking ahead to a new year

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We asked and you answered! Advisers from across the country weighed in on their biggest goals for this year and what they’re looking forward to.

“I really want to see our book in Yearbook Yearbook and/or some competition.”
–Katie Dean, Lee High School, Baytown, Texas

“We’re starting with almost all new students on staff. Goals are to stay consistent with theme, graphics and color with sophistication beyond their years. Classy and inclusive of as many kids as we can get in now that we’re all back in building after a year and a half.” –Anne Green, Glacier Peak High School Snohomish, Washington

“The one thing I am looking forward to the most is getting to start the year with my kids and getting to stay the whole year with them. It has been four years worth of me being in and out for health issues and I am finally at a place where I am not actively falling apart.” –Julie Pasha, Pearland Junior High West, Pearland Texas

“Moving from a spring to summer delivery. So much additional coverage!” –Holly Whitehead, Heritage High School, Maryville, Tennessee

“EVERYTHING!!!!!! Seriously though…blasting music, laughter with my girls, doing what we love, finding that perfect picture, seeing the kiddo who might not be an academic standout find a place to be a STAR in yearbook class, approaching deadlines, meeting deadlines and just laughter in person and not on a screen!!!!!!!” –Kristin Cade, Alamo Heights High School, San Antonio, Texas

“Biggest goal for my first full year is to sell 750 books (in a school of 1500).”
–Susanna Jakubik, Thornton Middle School, Missouri City, Texas

“Would like our book to make it to the front of Yearbook Yearbook. We moved up from just cover design last year so want to step it up.” –Matt Bohnert, Saguaro High School, Scottsdale, Arizona

“I am looking forward to a new, bigger staff, new processes and procedures and turning over control to my kids.” –Regina Kai, Wills Point High School, Wills Point, Texas

“I'm excited to grow the relationship with my staff and see what Year Two holds for me as an adviser! We want to win some awards, too!” –Taylor Bowers, Bentonville West High School, Centerton, Arkansas

“With my first year cut short due to the pandemic and my second year pretty much virtual, I’m excited to use all that I learned in those first two years of craziness into this year. I know that if my students and I can produce books in all that, we can do anything!” –Garfield Harrison, Kelly Lane Middle School, Pflugerville, Texas

“I've added AICE Media Studies to the yearbook class and I'm hoping it brings fresh new content to the book.” –Teresa Zemaitis, Hollins High School, St. Petersburg, Florida

“I retired from public school, after 41 years, and moved to a private school. I’m looking forward to working with a group of young ladies, who have not been on yearbook before, who are excited to have a yearbook adviser. Goal is to improve the book while keeping some private school traditions.” –Sue Blackmon, Incarnate Word Academy, Houston, Texas

“Sending kids around to classrooms to take photos and get interviews!” –Lanie Catuogno, Westwood High School, Austin, Texas

“I get to return to the beginning by teaching the basics to a brand new staff with no yearbook background. It has been a long time since I had to do this without the help of upperclassmen. We will rise to the challenge.” –Pam Willard, Prescott High School, Prescott, Arizona

“My biggest goal for this year is to get students writing more.” –Mindy Zugelder, California Trail Middle School, Olathe, Kansas

“Looking forward for my kids to see my journalism/yearbook room! My editor already jumped up and down when she got a sneak peek after Fish Camp. It totally made my day!” –Pablo Victor, Northbrook High School, Houston, Texas

Responses were gathered on the Balfour Advisers Facebook group. If you’re a Balfour adviser, join in the discussion. Be sure to include your school, city and state with the request. We can’t wait to talk to you!

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