Make Summer Pics a Snap


Want to hit the ground running in the fall and have content ready to use? Plan now for summer coverage and save yourself a headache later on.
Launch a contest
We’ve all been there...come September and October we’ve begged for students to share their summer pictures with us only to get a bunch of selfies and posed photos. Try ending the school year with a kick off to a summer photo contest. Create guidelines (think action shots) for submissions and share this information with your student body before school lets out. You can offer prizes for categories such as: 
● Photo Taken the Furthest Away from School
● Best Local Photo
● Fun in the Sun
● On the Job
● Internships
● Summer Athletics
Don’t forget the faculty
Students love to see what their teachers do on their time off as well, and teachers love a friendly competition, especially when prizes are on the line. Set categories for them as well for their own photo contest.
Get your staff involved
Before the end of school, survey your student body on summer plans. This can be done via a Google Form, or you could do it in person at yearbook distribution. Share the results with your staff and have them select photo ops to cover throughout the summer. Remember it is their summer break too, so sweeten the deal with prizes for best staff photos over the summer as well.
With a little leg work before you head to the beach (or to your couch) for the summer, you’ll have content so you can dive right in once school starts.

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