NSPA names Bowie editor Designer of the Year

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Congratulations to Bowie’s Ryan Kinney for being named the 2021 Designer of the Year. The National Scholastic Press Association announced their Portfolio of the Year winners and other Individual Awards during a live and virtual ceremony, Saturday, Nov. 13.

“Having been in yearbook for seven years, it was quite literally my dream to be nominated for Designer of the Year,” Kinney said. “I was frantically refreshing my page to see if I’d be chosen as a finalist, and never in my wildest dreams did I even consider that I could win. My roommate got to witness me burst into tears when I found out.”

Kinney, who is now a freshman at The University of Texas, served as an editor for three years at Bowie High School. She was Content Editor sophomore year, one of three Editors-in-Chief junior year and co-EIC senior year. Her design portfolio included the cover, divider design and several spreads. In her portfolio entry, Kinney spoke about the butterflies when she learned about her first editor position and the character she’s built over the years.

"I will always remember the feeling of finishing the year with the knowledge that I have grown as a leader and a person,” Kinney said. “There will always be the obvious improvements in time management and organization, but I have also found that I have developed my own character with a new sense of patience, compassion and drive.”

In the Photojournalist of the Year competition, McCallum’s Kennedy Weatherby received an Honorable Mention. Weatherby takes photos for The Shield and The Knight, McCallum’s student newspaper and yearbook.

Her photography portfolio included the spring dance show, graduation, volleyball and basketball. In her portfolio entry, Weatherby notes photographing prom made her realized she was interested in more than sports photography.

“I wanted to be a photojournalist,” she said, “experiencing every side of the world from behind my camera.”

The junior also found beauty in photographing other people, especially at performances.

“I always am grateful for the chance to go cover an event and do what I love, but when it involves watching people also do what they love to do, it makes the experience so rewarding and a real joy to be a part of,” Weatherby said. “That’s one of my favorite things about being a photojournalist.”

Congratulations Ryan and Kennedy!


Designer of the Year

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21_Bowie Designer Year2 860

21_Bowie Designer Year3 860

Ryan Kinney
Lone Star
James Bowie High School
Austin, Texas
See Ryan’s entire Design of the Year portfolio entry

Photojournalist of the Year

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22_McCallum Porfolio of Year3 400

22_McCallum Porfolio of Year1 400

Honorable Mention
Kennedy Weatherby
The Knight
McCallum High School
Austin, Texas
See Kennedy’s entire Photojournalist of the Year portfolio entry

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