Make yearbook life easier with organization tools in your classroom

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It’s a Google world now. But just like some people want to hold a book instead of a Kindle, many staffers prefer a physical copy to a digital one. Let’s explore organizational materials that will keep yearbook front and center in your classroom.

Binders A little information organized can go a long way. The Claudia Taylor Johnson yearbook staff uses binders to keep track of the master student list, teachers’ schedules, senior ads and rosters (group and team). Adviser Velisa Jewett also has individual binders for each staffer to keep interviewing notes, Balfour Squares, and other helpful worksheets and tips.

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Sports schedules
A large board to post sports schedules will keep the staff on top of sporting events. Include freshman, JV and varsity schedules, highlighting the home games.

Photo schedule Google sheets are a fantastic way to organize photo assignments. But it’s also helpful to have a visual in the classroom. Consider using an erase board on a two-week schedule. List events, games, club meetings and class activities on the specific day with the time. Have a photo editor or senior photographer start class by going over the photo schedule, noting what’s assigned and what needs photographers.

Photo assignment_sports400Photo assignment Keep staffers accountable by having them fill out a photo assignment form after an assignment. The slips can help verify where the photos were saved and if photographers have completed all the steps necessary. Consider even asking photographers to evaluate their work. It’s an easy way to add one more grade!

22 Vista Ridge_magazine rack500Magazine rack Inspire their yearbook layouts with professional magazine design. A magazine rack can feature multiple issues. Scouring a bookstore for various magazines guarantees your designs won’t look like all the ones inspired from popular Pinterest boards. Tip: Check a Half Price Books for recent magazines at bargain-based prices.

Additional visuals to display in the classroom include style sheets, software shortcuts and staff manuals. Check out all the visual reminders to aid staffers ideas we shared last December.

Velisa Jewett will talk more about organization in the Sept. 30 PowerUP video. We hope you’ll check it out!

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