Plan for summer coverage


Don’t let June, July and August go to waste. Before you pack up for the year, gather your returning staffers for one last assignment.

Avoid the headache of collecting photos in September. Brainstorm now the summer events and topics you’d like featured in the 2023 yearbook. Divvy out the topics and photo assignments, making sure everyone puts important dates in their calendar. Advisers, consider adding a date in your calendar to send summer assignment reminders.

Here are potential summer coverage topics:

Travel Everyone loves a gorgeous vacation spread. Make a list of students traveling and assign staffers to reach out in advance.
Staycations Not everyone can travel. Get the word out on social media you’re wanting students’ at-home, in-town photos.
School-related activities It’s a camp-bonanza in the summer: cheer camp, dance camp, band camp, yearbook camp, strength & conditioning days, etc. Assign photographers to all the campus events, coordinate with students and sponsors for photos of away activities.
Jobs Find out who’s working this summer and assign photographers to capture the money makers.
Your city Brainstorm all the fun places students love to go. Use the list as a fun opportunity to pair up photographers or hang out as a staff. #staffbonding

Don’t let summer coverage be an afterthought. There’s plenty happening in June, July and August. A little planning ensures meaningful summer content.

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