Planning the Perfect Distribution

Distribution Day 2

Tuesday Tips: A little preparation goes a long way on Distribution Day! Here are tips to help the day run smoothly.

Distribution Tips:

  1. Print out a distribution list and have students sign for their books as they pick them up. That way you have a record of who picked up their books and who has not. 
  2. Highlight the names of students who also need to pick up accessories.
    1. Give those away at the same time.
  3. If you have books with name stamping, separate those books before distribution. Make sure they are in the correct station.
  4. Placing an index card in each book with the student’s name at the top is a time saver during distribution. 
  5. Schedule a staggered yearbook distribution, so you don’t get overwhelmed by too many people at once. 
  6. If you have a lot of books to distribute, create different stations for different parts of the alphabet. A-E, F-J, etc. 
    1. Post signs high on a wall above the tables – don’t tape them to the tables where people will not be able to see them. 
    2. Stock each station with a clipboard and a few pens. Tie a pen to the clipboard with string or yarn.
  7. Have an ‘Extra Help’ table. Have your editor-in-chief sit here. 
    1. If someone says they need to pick up a book, but their name is not on the list, ask what other names the book could be under.
      1. Sometimes it’s under a parent’s or sibling’s name. 
      2. If you still can’t find a record of a sale, ask them to bring in proof of purchase – a receipt, email, etc.
  8. Develop a policy for picking up other people’s books ahead of time. 
  9. Hold a meeting ahead of time. Make sure everyone who is helping you understands the policies.
  10. Place a letter on the front of each book asking students to check their book for quality and the right number of pages before they write in it.
    1. In the letter, also explain that this is a student publication and mistakes are inevitable. 
    2. A schedule of when and where portraits were taken and when and where books were sold might also be included. 
  11. Play music and provide a place for students to sit and look and sign each other’s books. 
    1. Take photos of smiling faces to use next year when planning distribution.



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