Stick to it!

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Stickers never go out of style. While we loved gold stars and cute stickers as kids, advisers have learned older students aren’t immune to their charms either.

One of the most fun trends in recent years is the popularity of stickers, especially among teens and adults. Appealing to millennials and Gen Z nostalgia, companies jumped on the bandwagon, sharing on-brand iconography and catchy sayings, all in the form of a sticker.

Vinyl stickers also became widespread as students started plastering their laptops and stainless steel water bottles with colorful decals. Websites offering cool designs and custom options became a great way to find creative stickers. Yearbook advisers can take advantage of this trend to motivate and bond with their staff.

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is a popular choice because you can create customized stickers. Anderson Country High School adviser Jen Clotfelter created this “Hook’em yerds” stickers for her staffers, playing off their Maverick mascot. The stickers provide a clever connection to their school and a fun visual motivator. Want to try StickerMule? Get 10 custom stickers for $9 with free shipping.

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Bridgeland High School adviser Samantha Berry also has used the site to order stickers of the student media logo and a fun version of her face for staffers. She designed a sheet of school spirit stickers as a thank you for faculty members. Recently, she created a design to commemorate this year. While not all of these are staff motivational stickers, they keep student media in the spotlight and that’s a good thing for yearbook awareness.

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If you’re not wanting to personalize or create a sticker, you could choose from a wide selection of pre-designed options. Vista Ridge High School adviser Jamie Ray ordered multiple journalism stickers from Redbubble, including these on her laptop and the ones at the top of this post, below the headline.

It might seem trivial, but we all need a little silliness every once in a while to lighten the mood. Consider sharing stickers with your staff to motivate them, have fun and strengthen your bond. Let’s stick to it!

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