Thank you, Teachers!

During Teacher Appreciation Week, your friends at Balfour want you to know how valued and appreciated you are, so we put together this quick video.


As teachers, you wear a lot of hats. You take on extra work, extra students and extra roles. You work tirelessly, sacrificing your own time to pour into others. And that's just in a regular year. Over the past year, you have risen above countless challenges to ensure no student is left behind.  

And for that, we cannot say thank you enough. 

Thank you for leading with integrity. Thank you for stepping up to the plate. Thank you for going above and beyond the call to ensure success for your students and your school. You're here because you were meant to change lives.

Tribute Teacher x Balfour 600x200

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week...

We're excited to partner with during Teacher Appreciation Week! Tribute is on a mission to spread gratitude in the world, one video montage at a time. (The video above was created using Tribute's innovative crowd-sourcing platform and editing software!) In honor of the amazing work you do, Balfour and Tribute are excited to offer you a complimentary Tribute montage (a $25 value!). Claim yours at

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