Teaching Yearbook Students Leadership with "Scenarios"

Get ready to discover a whole new angle to yearbook classes – one that's all about leadership!


Our blog post is your ticket to exploring how everyday problems can be supercharged to develop essential skills. We're talking about creative thinking, teamwork, and more. Join us as we spill the secrets of teaching leadership through juicy real-life challenges in yearbook classes.

Use a class day to have a group discussion on realistic challenges that may arise during the school year.

Tuesday Tip: Check out the "Scenarios" resource below and use it as a discussion topic in your classroom (You can also include a challenge/scenario that has occurred in the past!).

Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 2.45.15 PM


You can also download the resource labeled "Scenarios" as a PDF at studio.balfour.com. Click on "Yearbook Curriculum," then scroll down to the "Leadership" resources and download the zip file, which also contains useful lesson plans on the topic of leadership. 

Make sure to take the time with each scenario and when discussing solutions challenge the students by asking what the pros and cons are for the solutions they came up with. 

The best thing about this fun class exercise is that there is no right or wrong answer. The purpose of this exercise is for the students to use their critical thinking and creative skills so that they can practice solving realistic "hiccups" that can occur throughout the school year.

Extra tip: Arrange your desks in a large circle to create a more welcoming environment for a class group discussion. 

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