Three steps to sell more yearbooks with Balfour's eMarketing


More yearbook sales are just a few clicks away with Balfour’s eMarketing tool. Right inside your StudioBalfour account, you can design and send custom email campaigns to buyers in just a few steps. We’ve built a series of campaign templates to help you target just the right audience. 
Here’s what you need to to do start selling more books now.

Step 1: Upload a student list to StudioBalfour

The eMarketing tool utilizes the student list feature. Request a student list from your school’s front office. The list must include student first name, last name, grade and email address. (Don’t worry about the format – our system allows you to map each field to its corresponding column.) To start this process, login to your StudioBalfour account and choose Manage>Student List>Upload Student List.

Step 2: Pick your audience segment

With eMarketing, you can send email messages to the entire student body, or use our filtering tools to reach just a specific audience. Want to boost senior ad sales? Running a freshman special?  It’s easy to create campaigns targeted to specific groups. You can even apply a filter to target only non-buying students.

Step 3: Customize your template

We’ve made it easy to send the right campaign message with our pre-designed templates. Add your own photos, edit the text with details of your school’s yearbook, and you’re ready to send!

Continue to communicate with buyers throughout the year by taking advantage of the additional template found in the eMarketing tool. Send reminders for school picture day, thank you letters to your buyers and distribution information when your yearbook arrives.



PRO-TIP: Sync your usage data with StudioBalfour and elevate your marketing. Target non-buyers already featured in the book with StudioBalfour’s coverage reporting.

Watch your sales grow with this great free tool, available only to Balfour customers. Ready to get started? Check out the full user guide here or contact your rep today!

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