Time for Spring Cleaning

Photo Organization


Tuesday Tip: If you’re done with the yearbook and waiting for delivery, now is the perfect time for some spring cleaning.

Few outside of the teaching profession truly grasp the immense dedication teachers put into their work. However, yearbook teachers experience a unique reprieve between final submission and distribution—a period when the seemingly overwhelming workload momentarily feels manageable. This phenomenon, often dubbed "Aprilfor many advisers, doesn't signify a halt in efforts, but rather a brief lull in intensity. 


Now is the opportune moment for you and your team to embark on a spring cleaning endeavor.

  1. Clean out the photographs folder – delete the out-of-focus, poor exposure, low resolution, and poorly framed photographs. Eliminate duplicates and keep only the very best ones. Then back them up in a couple of different places. Consider giving access to this folder to another staff member, the school secretary, or the librarian. This is a huge job, but the staff can help.

  2. Clean out and reorganize cabinets. Break out the washi tape and label maker! Dividing the shelves into sections with washi tape and labeling the areas making space for everything.

  3. Inventory technology. Clean the cameras and lenses- read the manuals for instructions. Send damaged items out for repairs. 



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