Type Talks: All About Typography

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We tell students all the time, “Make your fonts look like the message you want to convey.” Choosing the right font takes the verbal visual connection to the next level.

But now, let’s think about this. What do fonts really look like? That’s where the font fashion show makes it to the red carpet.

2. Font Fashion Show photo 1

A font fashion show is a fun, creative way to culminate your lesson on typography.

Students choose a font, research that font, then dress up like what they think the font would like and walk the runway. This link is also included on the assignment sheet. It’s showing a class having their fashion show. Of course you can make your “runway” as elaborate or as simple as you want.

Font Fashion Show photo 9

Make sure you preview the “Font Conference” video before showing it to your students to make sure it is age appropriate and you might need to explain some of the satire, but the people in the video are dressed as their font so it’s a good reference.

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And, just for fun Brick, from The Middle, references fonts.

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