We’re bringing Balfour’s Adviser Training to you

2020_Adviser Workshop_online_thumb

Advisers. Amplified. We’re hosting our annual adviser training with a new twist this year. We’re bringing the workshop to you.

Although we would love to have an in-person event, the pandemic has drastically impacted travel and workshop logistics. So, we’re switching gears and embracing the possibilities.

Socially distant, but together

We’re coming to a browser window near you! Whether you’re sitting in a home office or chilling on the couch, watching from Alaska or Florida, we’ll be with you celebrating all things yearbook. We have a fantastic, interactive experience planned with journalism experts and award-winning instructors ready to share their expertise. Think of it as bringing the gurus to you.

New approach, new dates

With the new virtual experience, we’ve revised the dates (you didn’t really want to do an online workshop on the weekend, did you?). We’re moving to Tuesday through Thursday, July 28-30 so save those dates in your calendar.

Community. Connection. Confidence.

This is an exciting opportunity to workshop like you’ve never workshopped before. This won’t be a just a webinar or a one-way dialogue. There will be training, critiques and chats! We’ll bond over yearbook deadlines and bad theme copy. We’ll work together to build your confidence, discover connections and create your yearbook community.

We’ll keep you posted on additional details and when you can register. We look forward to seeing you this summer, even if it’s from the comfort of your couch.

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