We’re running 24/7 to get books quickly and safely to you


YES! We’re back in business, working 24/7 to pump out yearbooks as quickly and safely as possible. Here’s a roundup of a few lingering questions.

Why were yearbooks not available in May?
In late March, Dallas County officials issued a shelter-in-place mandate which temporarily closed the Dallas publishing facility. The safety of our employees was top priority as we adhered to the closure. Under Governor Greg Abbott’s guidelines for reopening the state of Texas, we resumed production, Monday, May 18.

Are Balfour employees safe?
Yes, we’ve put several protocols into place to ensure our workers stay safe and healthy. There are a limited number of people allowed in the building, temperatures are check on arrival and strict social distancing is in place. All employees are wearing masks while those handling books are also wearing gloves. We also added additional sanitation and cleaning measures, following CDC guidelines.

Is the plant really running 24/7?
Yes, we are! We have three teams, working in 8-hour shifts to ensure we’re working on books every minute of the day. We’re committed to getting yearbooks to you as quick and safely as possible.

When will I get my book?
It depends. We know, that’s an ambiguous answer for your most important question. But, with thousands of books to print, there are thousands of different dates. Talk with your representative to find out when your book will be finished and shipped.

My school is closed. Where will I put the books?
Discuss options with your administration and Balfour representative. If it’s better for us to hold on to your books until school reopens, we will.

How do I get books to students?
There are a couple of options. The most popular trend right now is to hold a drive-thru distribution. There’s also some schools choosing alternatives like waiting till school starts for a normal distribution or shipping books home.

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