What's the Buzz all about?

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Meet Buzz, Balfour's new help bot, built to give you and your yearbook staff real help in real time. Here at Balfour, we're known for offering the best support in the industry, and Buzz is the newest member to join the family. In addition to our amazing in-plant account executive and tech support teams, Buzz provides on-demand access to your most pressing questions. 

Buzz gives insight into day-to-day questions and skills to make managing your project and your staff more efficient. It's powered by Balfour's new knowledge base, a place to go for quick access to helpful articles and how-to's for all of Balfour's software programs. We organized the knowledge base by software, but it's tagged and categorized for easy searching. 

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Interact with Buzz

It's easy to find Buzz when you're logged into StudioBalfour. Just look for the blue conversation bubble on the bottom right of your page, and he'll be ready to get you the help you need, when you need it. Soon you'll also find Buzz in Encore and myYear, helping your staff get quick access to helpful how-to's so they can design easier and faster than before. 

Increase Productivity

The combination of Buzz and the Balfour Knowledge Base gives us a powerful way to help increase your staff's productivity. This simple-to-use tool keeps students engaged and on task with self-service answers to their most pressing designing and software questions. 

Encourage Independent Learning

Search within the application and find out what you want to know when you want to know it. The more questions you ask Buzz, the smarter he gets! 

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Welcome Buzz to the Balfour family!




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