You could win $500 in our Great Shot photo contest!


Balfour’s Great Shot Photo Contest has begun! And this time the assignments are Sports: Freeze the Action or Expressions.

No matter where you are in the production process, photo skills need to continue to be improved and reinforced. For interesting photo opportunities, school events provide the actions and reactions of students and staff.

If you are looking for ways to showcase, reinforce and reward photo skills, enter Balfour’s Great Shot Photo Contest. Deadline to enter is May 14.

It is easy to participate. As an incentive to enter, consider having students submit their best shots for a grade. Aside from getting them thinking about photography and taking great photos for your publication, they’ll be eligible for a $500 prize (first-place), $300 (second) or $100 (third). Photos taken by advisers can be entered, too!

Here’s how the contest works:

It’s as easy as that!

Check the gallery daily for contest entries and like your favorites. We can’t wait to see your great shots!

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