You've Got It; Now Let's Flaunt It!


Tuesday Tip: Those gorgeous spreads and photos can help you sell books and Balfour can help.


Some buyers like to wait and see what the book will look like. Well, it’s time for the big reveal!

Craft social media posts to show off your cover and favorite spreads, and let parents know how to purchase. Tell the parents how proud you are of this book and your staff.

Give students class time to create posters to hang around the school. Spend a class period brainstorming ideas and creating rough sketches. Then give students class time to create clever, attractive posters.
Videos are fun to create and get people talking. Show them on the video morning announcements. Post them to the school website and social media apps. Let your staff create and star in the videos.

Design an Instagram-style bulletin board of favorite photos to drum up interest among students on campus. Include a QR code with a link to buy a book. Take a photo of it for social media.

If you have an index, this is also the time for direct, targeted marketing. Make a list of students who are in the book multiple times but have not bought a book. One way is to compare your 'bought the book' list with your index. Highlight students on your index that are not on your 'bought the book' list. Then write notes to those students and tell them which pages they are on.

Let Balfour help you. In Studio Balfour, click on Build A Book, and then Order/Download Supplies for sales resources. The ‘You’re in the Book’ post-it notes and stickers are affordable and can be ordered and added to your yearbook bill.

Free downloadable images make creating social media posts a breeze. Posters, yard signs, vinyl banners, and much more can be ordered to help you with sales. 


Reminder: The Great Shot Photo Contest ends May 3rd! Enter by tagging us on Instagram @BalfourYearbooks and using the hashtag #BalfourGreatShot.

For more information, check out our flyer. We can't wait to see your photos!


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