Meeting photos are so…yesterday. Discover innovative ways to cover clubs.

The pandemic forced us to think creatively when it comes to clubs. Combined with the shift to blended coverage, we’re finding smarter ways to feature groups.

We’ve heralded the benefits of blended coverage for years. Also called umbrella coverage, blended coverage combines classes, events, groups, and/or sports on one spread. Weekly chronological books often use blended coverage to feature all the different things that happened during the week.

Long gone are the days when every club gets its own page. Instead, staffs are combining coverage, featuring multiple groups on one spread. It’s a smart way to ensure all organizations are included, big and small. (You can still devote entire spreads to larger groups like theater and band if their activity warrants dedicated solo space.)

The blended strategy becomes more logical with the current limitations and challenges. With virtual meetings and less events, 2021 staffs relied heavily on cutouts to visualize their club coverage. They also got crafty in how they covered groups. Let’s take a look.

21_Bellevue East_blended clubs numbers860
For one of their blended club spreads, the Bellevue East staff highlighted membership numbers. With a theme-matching color scheme, they also added cutouts for the 12 clubs featured.

21_Hill Country_blende clubs cutouts860
With only a few in-person events, The Bard staff focused on cutouts of their active clubs in the Hill Country Christian School yearbook.

21_Peterson MS_blended clubs860
The Peterson Middle School staff divided this organizations spread into equal parts, featuring six clubs.

21_Vista Ridge_clubs T-shirts860
When you’re short on photos, club T-shirts are one of the easiest ways to solve the problem. This spread from Vista Ridge High School features more than 20 organizations with cutouts and quotes.

21_Leander_blended clubs_color_less pics860With only portraits and a striking pink background, the Leander High School staff took a topic approach to this blended spread. Instead of a general clubs spread, they centered on volunteering, featuring clubs, students and faculty who gave back to the community.

21_Anderson County_blended clubs860Anderson County High School went the Q&A route for four organizations, asking multiple students about the benefits of their group and the adapted events they attended.

21_Venice_blended clubs860
A truly blended approach, Venice High School featured induction ceremonies, performances, competitions and fundraisers. In total, more than 10 clubs were featured.

21_Bellevue East_blended club leaders860
Connecting to their “We’ve got this” theme, Bellevue East profiled students in leadership positions from six clubs.

This isn’t your typical club coverage. It’s better. And what’s great is there are no boring meeting photos. Club members are featured in cutouts or actively participating in an activity or event.

Bonus: Here’s a few more examples of blended club coverage from our amazing yearbook resource site, the Balfour Exchange.

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