Key strategies to prepare for distribution

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Finally. The book is done and the presses are running. While you’re patiently waiting for its arrival, take strategic steps to prepare for the big day.

1. Get the word out. Shout it from the rooftops or at least your social media accounts and school announcements. Use an eMarketing campaign to let buyers know when the book arrives and where they can pick it up.

2. Place the sales order list in prominent and visible spots. This includes on campus, in the student newspaper and on social media. The list will make students aware of orders and prompt those who haven’t purchased yet.

3. Decide on a distribution game plan. Are you going old school, pre-pandemic style? Prefer a drive-thru distribution? Hoping to have a signing party, maybe outdoors? Consider playing music and bringing in food trucks or a snow cone stand. Brainstorm with your staff all the options, and make sure to run them by your administration.

4. Change your voicemail and email signature. You’re going to be really busy during distribution and the days leading up to it. Change your voicemail to give callers information about where to pick up books. Similarly, add distribution information to your email signature. Also, you might include a graceful note about mistakes.

5. Prepare on all fronts. It’s not going to be a perfect book, especially this year. Connect with your principal and the faculty for a supportive front. Make sure the office has a cheat sheet to answer potential questions. Include a disclaimer insert with the book to tackle the mistakes complaint. And have a social media response plan. Read more about these strategies and see examples in our mistakes blog post.

It’s almost here! But before the big day, these steps will make distribution preparation as smooth as possible.

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