Spread the word: the yearbook is happening

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Reassure your audience you’re capturing this historic year and they don’t want to miss out. Share the message to build excitement and boost sales.

Spread the word. The yearbook is happening. This is one tradition that’s not going by the wayside. Let your community know the good news with strategic marketing.

Take advantage of eMarketing

First and foremost, add eMarketing to your repertoire of sales tactics. Built into StudioBalfour, eMarketing is a marketing tool that lets you build and customize email campaigns. After uploading an email list, choose a pre-designed template and adjust the message for your campus. (Here’s a handy eMarketing guide.)

eMarketing_Bridgeland YB sales stats

Bridgeland High School adviser Samantha Berry learned the power of eMarketing after using it for the first time this fall. In her PowerUp session, she explained how sales doubled with two email campaigns.

Promote the book on social media

A social media presence is especially important if your campus is 100 percent virtual or a significant number of students opted for remote learning. Encourage staffers to share posts and use their personal accounts for an even wider audience. TikTok is the latest place to connect with buyers, but don’t forget about old standbys like Facebook for the parental factor. Also reach out to your administration. Promoting book sales on official school accounts can bring attention, reaching parents who may not follow student media accounts.

In addition, we have social media graphics to assist with your promotional posts. There are overall buy-your-book images, holiday ones and ImageShare visuals. You can also use Canva, mock-up sites and sneak peek videos to create powerful social media visuals that helped staffs promote books in the spring.

Be visible on campus

Don’t limit yourself to just reaching out via the digital world. If you’re on campus, use that physical presence to your advantage. Hang posters in the hallways, reminding students where they can order books. Use our recently updated tearstrip banners on bathroom doors and in busy hallways. Order an X-stand banner with a customized message and place it in pivotal, well-traveled spots.

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There are plenty of on-campus marketing options: X-stand banners (like this customized one from McKinney Boyd High School), Balfour yearbook posters (English and Spanish versions at Humble High School) and advertising on the school marquee (Horizon High School).

Boost sales with holiday specials

The Season of Giving is a wonderful time of year to encourage yearbook sales. Consider sending another round of emails or mailouts to the student body. Advertise the yearbook as a holiday gift option and wrap one of our gift notices for a present under the tree. You could also offer an angel giving program, allowing parents and teachers to buy books for students who can’t afford them. Talk with your account executive for the best way to set up for your school.

This is also a good time to offer holiday specials and last-chance sales. Consider a price increase for the second semester to increase December sales. Leaman Junior High School created a promotional video, reminding buyers of a $5 discount that was good through the fall.

It’s happening

A historic year deserves a historic book. Let your audience know you’re capturing it all. Yes! There will be a yearbook. Spread the word.

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