We’re thinking BIG about 2022 yearbooks

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We’re back! It’s our ninth year for Tuesday Tips, a weekly blog about all things yearbook. To kick off, we have a couple of ways to start the year on an epic note.

Our first post is always a bit of a challenge because there’s a wide range of start dates across the country. If you’re new to yearbook or just getting started for the school year, we hope this will help you. Our veteran advisers or teachers a month into school might still find a few useful links and suggestions.

Get to know your resources
Education is our niche. And we have a bundle of resources to help you.

  • What to do when We’ve created a handy list of things to do, broken down into five core areas: people/connections, organization/planning, editorial/photo, sales & promotion, and staff development. Our yearbook production plan will give you a solid plan for what to focus on each month. Also, check out these seven things to do in the first weeks.
  • Balfour Curriculum It features 11 weeks of lesson plans, presentations, worksheets and assessments. Use your hard copy book version or download the digital ones from StudioBalfour.

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  • StudioBalfour A great source for a wealth of yearbook resources, classrooms presentations, yearbook supplies and marketing promotions. The PowerPoints provide an easy way to teach theme, writing, photography and more. If you’re new to Balfour, connect with your representative or account executive for your login information.

  • Balfour Exchange Our latest innovation is a one-stop shop for all things yearbook. It features a digital resources page with multiple video series, coverage ideas, staff management (bonding ideas galore!) and current yearbook PDFs. It also links to our Google Share site where advisers can share their own lesson plans and handouts.

  • ThinkBIG workshop videos If you attended the adviser workshop or the student workshop, you have access to that workshop’s videos all year. Use them in your classroom to build your brand, find fresh coverage ideas and market your book.

Join the Balfour Adviser Facebook group
No one on your campus truly understands the complexity of producing a yearbook. But we do! Join our Balfour Advisers Facebook group and discover a loving and empathetic set of advisers who will celebrate the highs and commiserate on the lows. It’s also a great place to share advice and lesson plans. Please note, the Facebook group is for current Balfour advisers. If you’re not a customer, we can’t wait till you join the Balfour family!

We’re excited for a new school year and a new volume of the yearbook. We’re ready to thinkBIG! Share your excitement all year long with the social media hashtags: #thinkBIGbalfour and #yearbookideas22.

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