Congratulations to our Spring 2023 Great Shot Photo Winners!

Meet the winners of the Spring 2023 Balfour Great Shot Photo Contest. The excellent submissions challenged our panel of judges to narrow the field to the awardees below. Thank you to everyone who

Make Summer Pics a Snap

Want to hit the ground running in the fall and have content ready to use? Plan now for summer coverage and save yourself a headache later on.

Workshops offer bonding experience, extra planning time

A summer workshop is the ideal time to jumpstart the next book. Staffers plan the new theme, get advice from experts and form deeper connections as a team. 

You could win $500 in our Great Shot photo contest!

Balfour’s Great Shot Photo Contest has begun! And this time the assignments are Sports: Freeze the Action or Expressions.

No matter where you are in the production process, photo skills need to

2023 Spring Great Shot Contest

The spring edition of the Great Shot Photo Contest. We have two brand new assignments for you—Expressions and Sports: Freeze the Action. Let’s get snapping!

Share your best “Expression” or “Sports:

Type Talks: All About Typography

We tell students all the time, “Make your fonts look like the message you want to convey.” Choosing the right font takes the verbal visual connection to the next level.

The Book’s Done! Now What?

You’ve finished that final stretch and rocked your final deadline. All the pages have been submitted, and there are a few weeks until distribution and the end of school. What do you do with all of

Colophon – Let’s be clear

Colophon (ˈkäləfən,-ˌfän) Still can’t pronounce it? That’s OK. Click here, then click on the speaker. More important, what is a colophon and what does it do?

Give spring sports your best shot

To transition from poorly lit gymnasiums to sunny outdoor venues, turn down your ISO and crank up your shutter speed. Student photographers will often set their cameras in full automatic mode or in a

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