Five Balfour schools named 2021 NSPA Pacemaker Winners

The National Scholastic Press Association named five Balfour schools 2021 Pacemaker Winners, April 9. The awards were handed out at the NSPA awards ceremony during the closing of the JEA/NSPA

Win $500 with the Spring 2022 Great Shot Photo Contest

Creating a great yearbook means taking great shots. And we want to see your best photos for the latest edition of our Great Shot Photo Contest.

Baylor, North Carolina State win CSPA Silver Crowns

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association honored Baylor University and North Carolina State University with Silver Crowns, Wednesday, March 30.

Vary the view with inspired camera angles

When taking photos, how often do you stand at full height? Let’s change the view. Drop down low, find a higher spot. Or move to an unexpected place to photograph from. The fresh perspectives will

Keep the memory alive: Classroom displays celebrate yearbook staffs and covers

It’s a joy when the yearbook comes out. And then you begin working on the next one. Before you move on, capture the magic with a permanent display in your room.

CSPA announces Crown winners, Vista Ridge wins Gold

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association announced the Gold and Silver Crown Winners Friday during a virtual ceremony.

Protect your investment with a lens filter

The best $20 you’ll ever spend. Protect expensive equipment by adding a protective filter to your lens.

Yearbook mascots to the rescue!

Deadline Dinosaur. Mediation Mouse. Drama Llama. Adopting a yearbook mascot can boost spirits, squash squabbles and build relationships.

Baylor yearbook named 2021 Pacemaker Winner

The Associated Collegiate Press awarded Baylor University ACP’s highest award, the Pacemaker, Saturday at the ACP Spring National College Media Conference, in Long Beach, California.

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