People coverage ideas

It’s all about the people. While other parts of the yearbook focus on classes, clubs, events and sports, the people section is an all-inclusive endeavor. A reference tool, it serves as a directory

Stressed? Who, me? Never. (Well, maybe sometimes.)

The ripple effects of the pandemic are still sending tremors. Students continue to struggle, and teachers are left to deal with the aftershocks. The stress is real, and only those who’ve been inside

2022 Fall Great Shot Contest

The fall edition of the Great Shot Photo Contest. We have two brand new assignments for you—School Spirit and Creative Lighting. Let’s get snapping!

Share your best “School Spirit” or “Creative

Spice up those spreads with COBs

From magazines to advertisements to college brochures (all of those great sources of design inspiration), cut out background (COB) photos are everywhere. Why not fit them into your publication to

Theme: Celebrate the Spooky Season

Each year around this time, the leaves begin to fall and the predictably warm days of summer begin to cool with the autumn breeze. Ghouls and goblins begin to make appearances on lawns of decorating

What does a top-notch yearbook class look like? Not what most evaluators think.

It’s walk-through time, and as an official evaluator, you’ve got to make the rounds through a publications class. This is the group that publishes the yearbook, runs the online newspaper, compiles a

2022 National Yearbook Week: Congratulations to our winners!

What a week it was! Creative yearbook staffs everywhere went all out to #celebrateyearbook - and the importance of yearbooks - during National Yearbook Week October 2-8. The week was full of great

Motivation, Fun Year Round

Your theme’s chosen, spreads are designed, and everyone knows the drill. Excitement was high those first few weeks, but now your staff has settled into the routine. That initial exuberance has

Frightened by Sales Numbers? Get Creative and Scare Up Sales

Temperatures might still be in the 90’s in parts of the country, but the calendar says it’s fall and that means it’s time to sip pumpkin spiced lattes, check out craft shows, decorate Jack-O-Lanterns

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