New spreads added to Ready-to-Go Collection

Dinner is served. We’re excited to share more delicious news. We’ve created additional spreads for you. They’re all ready to go!

Five ways to get your Balfour tech questions answered

As your yearbook staff is hitting its stride, finishing pages and checking them off your ladder diagram (best feeling ever!), the last thing we want is a tech question slowing you down. 

California school splits yearbook into quarterly volumes

At Harvard-Westlake, the yearbook is already out. Or at least 25 percent of it is. In an effort to share positive and timely news, the staff decided to print the book in four volumes.

Turn to showstoppers for impactful design

What do you do when interviews and photos are limited? Take advantage of it! Use the lack of content to amp up the coverage and wow factor.

National spreads added to Ready-to-Go Content

MORE! We’ve added 12 pages of national coverage to our Ready-to-Go Content collection. Let’s check them out.

Content ideas for the elementary level

An unusual year has left us scrambling for creative content. Nowhere has this been more difficult than in elementary yearbooks, which often rely on events to fill pages. But when there’s a

Stick to it!

Stickers never go out of style. While we loved gold stars and cute stickers as kids, advisers have learned older students aren’t immune to their charms either.

Coverage in 2021: People examples

Sharing ideas is one of our favorite parts about yearbooks. But lists tend to be long and text-heavy. As we brainstormed people coverage ideas, we thought it might help to see more visuals. Here

Coverage in 2021: People ideas

It’s all about the people. While other parts of the yearbook focus on classes, clubs, events and sports, the people section is an all-inclusive endeavor. A reference tool, it serves as a directory

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