Introducing the Balfour Exchange, a place to connect and share

Our latest innovation brings all things yearbook to one place. We’ve gathered lesson plans, videos, examples, tips and team-building ideas—many crowdsourced from the yearbook community. Jump in

It’s a snap to gather portrait photos with EZPix

Whether it’s virtual school, in-person instruction or a combination of both, we continue to reinvent the yearbook experience for schools and students. EZPix, the newest innovation from Balfour,

Sneak peek videos become yearbook phenomenon

Before this spring, yearbook staffs kept their inside pages a secret, reveling in the reveal on distribution day. But the pandemic forced staffs to rethink their marketing strategy, doing

The new normal for autographs: virtual signing parties

No school? No problem. Thanks to an exclusive collaboration with Tribute, we’re offering virtual signing parties for students missing out on yearbook signing.

Check out what's new in Encore

Encore, the yearbook industry's first HTML5 software, recently celebrated its THIRD birthday! We continue to improve the program, adding feature enhancements based on your input and requests.

Turn your fans into photographers with ImageShare

When the bulk of a yearbook is photography, it can be stressful ensuring every event is covered. And that stress can be exacerbated when it turns out photos are blurry or poor quality. Having

Your perfect yearbook plug-in

BalfourTools® and Adobe InDesign® go hand in hand. They are two parts of the page construction process because BalfourTools makes Adobe InDesign yearbook friendly. It’s the #1 yearbook plug-in for

Print + Video. Who knew?

Does your yearbook deliver in the summer? If so, did you ever wish you could extend yearbook content by covering spring sports, prom, graduation and more? You can! With QR codes you can

eYearbook PLUS a printed book

Establish a new yearbook tradition with an eYearbook. Its flexible format provides more room for memories. Add video, photos and audio without adding pages to the print book.

So, now students can

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