Things that make you go ‘oops!’

A yearbook is a historical document that will last a lifetime and beyond. So everything you’re putting on the pages will always be there...including the mistakes. Here’s how you can take extra

What are we missing…..oh yeah, academics!

Think about it. The average high school student spends 5.8 hours in class each school day. Another 35 minutes at lunch and 15 minutes for class changes round out the rest of the school day. So if 89%

Make it your signature move

We’re not talking about Getting Sturdy or Hitting the Griddy. We’re talking signature completion so your pages can dance their way through the presses.

All I have left to do on my spread is the captions.

That phrase might make an adviser a little nervous because captions can sometimes take a while to complete. From gathering the background information, setting up interviews with the people in the

Christmas Lights, Starbucks Cups and Yearbook Endsheets

...Really Do Have Something in Common In most grocery and department stores, Christmas decorations are up before Halloween has even passed. A few might wait until November 1, like Starbucks who

People coverage ideas

It’s all about the people. While other parts of the yearbook focus on classes, clubs, events and sports, the people section is an all-inclusive endeavor. A reference tool, it serves as a directory

Spice up those spreads with COBs

From magazines to advertisements to college brochures (all of those great sources of design inspiration), cut out background (COB) photos are everywhere. Why not fit them into your publication to

Theme: Celebrate the Spooky Season

Each year around this time, the leaves begin to fall and the predictably warm days of summer begin to cool with the autumn breeze. Ghouls and goblins begin to make appearances on lawns of decorating

The Essentials: Folio

As part of our series, “The Essentials,” we present the required elements of yearbook. Today’s focus is the folio.

The folio is an essential reader service, providing vital information to the

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