Plan for summer coverage

Don’t let June, July and August go to waste. Before you pack up for the year, gather your returning staffers for one last assignment.

How to get people to stop posing for you

There’s something about a camera that makes everyone stop, turn and pose. Of course, our selfie culture (and a phone in every pocket) hasn’t made candid photography any easier. Here’s how to train

Less is more: Creativity flourishes with text-only title pages

Once it was verboten to publish a title page without pictures. But a pandemic challenged our photo opportunities and made us craftier. Here are eight title pages that packed a punch without packing

Talk to me: Connect personally with interactive coverage

Make it theirs. The yearbook staff chronicles the year, sharing moments in pictures and words. But staffs should also let readers personalize the book with their own stories.

Energize your group photo pages with fun and relevant content

Bring on the FUN. The club and team photos don’t have to be the most boring pages in the yearbook.

Meeting photos are so…yesterday. Discover innovative ways to cover clubs.

The pandemic forced us to think creatively when it comes to clubs. Combined with the shift to blended coverage, we’re finding smarter ways to feature groups.

Three creative ways to fill the blank space, baby

Stop worrying about the blank space, baby. Because we’re feeling ’22. Yes, we’re channeling Taylor Swift. Her catchy song titles inspire us to fill empty pages. …Ready for it?

YB Hacks: Visual reminders aid staffers, ensure consistent design

Sometimes we need to make it a little easier for our yearbook staffers. Visual aids can be the perfect reminders to guide them.

Gobble up these yummy Thanksgiving spreads

Turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie cook up more than a delicious Thanksgiving Day. Turn all the T-Day fixings into a delish yearbook spread.

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