Photography help to finish spring sports

Spring sports pages are about as empty as the nation’s stadiums and locker rooms. We have 30 images and illustrations to help you fill in those spreads.

15 more ideas to fill pages

Fort Zumwalt South High School, 2019

Extended spring breaks, canceled games and school closures have made it challenging to finish spring coverage. Here are 15 more ideas to fill blank pages.

Covering the coronavirus crisis

It's all we can talk about. It’s upended life as we know it. It’s a challenge to get in our yearbooks. With school closures and looming deadlines, here are six creative ways to include the

Oh snap! We’ve got photo resources to help with your COVID-19 coverage.

Don’t panic. How to finish your yearbook in a coronavirus world.

Spring is already a stressful time in the yearbook world. But the coronavirus pandemic has elevated that anxiety to new levels. Take a step back and breathe as we strategize how to finish 2020

Get personal with index division letters

It’s unavoidable. The index is the most text heavy section of the yearbook. But you can make this necessary reader service a little more fun with pops of color, theme and people.

Soak up spring break for extra student life coverage

Colorado snow, California beaches and Disney castles make for beautiful photos and stories. While we often feature travel spreads early in the book, spring break is an overlooked opportunity.

The details behind the details: your work, supporters & the tools

We always think about classes, clubs, events and sports to cover. But what about the details behind that coverage? Do you acknowledge the hard work your staffers put in? Or the people who support

Carry theme with group shots and team photos

It’s easy to showcase the theme on the cover and early pages. It’s tougher to carry it later on, especially on reference pages like the group shots and team photos.

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