The Essentials: Folio

As part of our series, “The Essentials,” we present the required elements of yearbook. Today’s focus is the folio.

The folio is an essential reader service, providing vital information to the

Make yearbook life easier with organization tools in your classroom

It’s a Google world now. But just like some people want to hold a book instead of a Kindle, many staffers prefer a physical copy to a digital one. Let’s explore organizational materials that will

Make it visual: Four strategies for the best yearbook ladder organization

Essential to yearbook deadlines, the ladder provides an organizational system for spread planning. In simpler terms: The ladder is the place you write down what goes where. Here are four ways to

Make those summer spreads sizzle

Summer might be over, but we can relive it all year long with sizzling summer spreads. Let’s head back to the beach with 2022 books to find inspiration for new layouts.

Plan for summer coverage

Don’t let June, July and August go to waste. Before you pack up for the year, gather your returning staffers for one last assignment.

How to get people to stop posing for you

There’s something about a camera that makes everyone stop, turn and pose. Of course, our selfie culture (and a phone in every pocket) hasn’t made candid photography any easier. Here’s how to train

Less is more: Creativity flourishes with text-only title pages

Once it was verboten to publish a title page without pictures. But a pandemic challenged our photo opportunities and made us craftier. Here are eight title pages that packed a punch without packing

Talk to me: Connect personally with interactive coverage

Make it theirs. The yearbook staff chronicles the year, sharing moments in pictures and words. But staffs should also let readers personalize the book with their own stories.

Energize your group photo pages with fun and relevant content

Bring on the FUN. The club and team photos don’t have to be the most boring pages in the yearbook.

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