YB Hacks: Visual reminders aid staffers, ensure consistent design

Sometimes we need to make it a little easier for our yearbook staffers. Visual aids can be the perfect reminders to guide them.

Gobble up these yummy Thanksgiving spreads

Turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie cook up more than a delicious Thanksgiving Day. Turn all the T-Day fixings into a delish yearbook spread.

Step up your theme game with concept spreads

We know the drill: Put the theme on the cover, endsheets, opening & closing, dividers and the index. But the latest innovative trend is an expansion of the theme: specific pages devoted to the

The Essentials: Dividers

As part of our “The Essentials” series, we present the required elements of yearbook. Today, we’ll focus on dividers.

The dividers, or division pages, provide one of the most integral roles in a

STICK TO IT: Schools let buyers personalize their yearbooks with stickers

Make it your own. Really. Three Balfour schools took the sticker craze to a whole new level with their 2021 yearbooks.

Yearbooks just wanna have fun

As schools prepared for 2021 yearbooks, they faced a gloomy realization: the pandemic was far from over. Refusing to wallow in that depressing reality, a fascinating trend emerged. Yearbooks

The Essentials: Theme

Theme is the glue that holds a book together. As part of our “The Essentials” series, we’ll share the basics of theme.

Personality plus: Pick a person to embody your theme

Who will your 2022 book be? Harry Styles? Kate Middleton? Once you know who your book is, you can clearly establish your theme’s personality.

Balfour schools dominate college yearbook Design of the Year awards

The Associated Collegiate Press named five Balfour schools as Design of the Year finalists as part of their 2021 Individual Awards announcement.

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