Congratulations to our Spring 2022 Great Shot Photo Winners!

What a fun edition it was of our semi-annual photo contest! Meet the winners of the Spring 2022 Balfour Great Shot Photo Contest. More than 1,200 excellent submissions challenged our panel of judges

Win $500 with the Spring 2022 Great Shot Photo Contest

Creating a great yearbook means taking great shots. And we want to see your best photos for the latest edition of our Great Shot Photo Contest.

Vary the view with inspired camera angles

When taking photos, how often do you stand at full height? Let’s change the view. Drop down low, find a higher spot. Or move to an unexpected place to photograph from. The fresh perspectives will

Protect your investment with a lens filter

The best $20 you’ll ever spend. Protect expensive equipment by adding a protective filter to your lens.

How to get people to stop posing for you

There’s something about a camera that makes everyone stop, turn and pose. Of course, our selfie culture (and a phone in every pocket) hasn’t made candid photography any easier. Here’s how to train

Congratulations to our Fall 2021 Great Shot Photo Winners!

Meet the winners of the Fall 2021 edition of Balfour’s Great Shot Photo Contest! Yearbook photographers were clearly back out in force this fall, as your more than 1,000 submissions challenged our

Gobble up these yummy Thanksgiving spreads

Turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie cook up more than a delicious Thanksgiving Day. Turn all the T-Day fixings into a delish yearbook spread.

Bridgeland photographer wins Photo of the Year: Environmental Portrait

Congratulations to Bridgeland’s Madie Gunn for winning Photo of the Year: Environmental Portrait. Gunn’s photograph of an orchestra student took the top prize in the category.

Enter our Great Shot Photo Contest now!

We’re back with our fall edition of the Great Shot Photo Contest. We have two brand new assignments for you—Sports: Action-Packed and Macro (Close-ups). Let’s get snapping!

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