Congratulations to our Spring 2020 Great Shot Photo Winners!

We are excited to announce the winners of the Spring 2020 edition of Balfour’s Great Shot Photo Contest. This edition of the contest was unlike any we’ve done before, as this spring has proven

Photography help to finish spring sports

Spring sports pages are about as empty as the nation’s stadiums and locker rooms. We have 30 images and illustrations to help you fill in those spreads.

Win cash for your best outside-of-school photos

The Great Shot Photo Contest is back! And the assignment is unlike any we’ve done before: Out of the Classroom. So grab you cameras and start snapping.

Oh snap! We’ve got photo resources to help with your COVID-19 coverage.

Soak up spring break for extra student life coverage

Colorado snow, California beaches and Disney castles make for beautiful photos and stories. While we often feature travel spreads early in the book, spring break is an overlooked opportunity.

Academic photography: capture students in the act of learning

Academics. It’s the whole reason we’re in school. And yet, too often the coverage is lackluster and the photos are well, lacking. Let’s change this by capturing real moments in the classroom.

Understanding Photography: Composition

Photography is all about capturing a moment. How you capture that moment can make the difference between a dull photo and a powerful one. Here are five composition principles that can dramatically

Understanding Photography: beginner tips

This is part of an occasional photography series. This inaugural post starts at the beginning--;with the basics. Let's walk through simple dos and don'ts of photography.

One Adviser’s Journey: the Road to the 5-0 Picture

For her school’s 50th anniversary, yearbook adviser Susannah Keneda wanted a special photo to pay tribute to the milestone. Here’s how she made it happen.

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