Headlines that pack a punch!

As the most significant verbal aspect of the design, headlines have a powerful impact on the look and feel of a yearbook spread. They provide a starting point for the reader, set the tone for the

Meeting photos are so…yesterday. Discover innovative ways to cover clubs.

The pandemic forced us to think creatively when it comes to clubs. Combined with the shift to blended coverage, we’re finding smarter ways to feature groups.

Words to banish from yearbooks

A lot. Very. Just. Eliminate weak words to bring clarity and specificity to yearbook writing.

Gobble up these yummy Thanksgiving spreads

Turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie cook up more than a delicious Thanksgiving Day. Turn all the T-Day fixings into a delish yearbook spread.

Step up your theme game with concept spreads

We know the drill: Put the theme on the cover, endsheets, opening & closing, dividers and the index. But the latest innovative trend is an expansion of the theme: specific pages devoted to the

Baylor, North Carolina State named story, photo of year finalist for sports coverage

Two collegiate journalists made the finalist list for the Associated Collegiate Press’ 2021 Individual Awards.

No pictures? No problem. Find design inspiration in image-free spreads

Photos aren’t the only way to illustrate spreads. We know the uncertainty of events, a lack of access and the virtual nature of schools have made photo collection tougher than usual. But that’s even

NSPA names Leander yearbook staffer a Story of Year finalist

Congratulations to Leander High School’s McKenzie Henningsen for being one of the 2020 Story of the Year finalists from the National Scholastic Press Association.

2020 Election coverage

Every four years we have the perfect excuse to show a little patriotism. Presidential elections are some of the most interesting yearbook spreads a staff can create. Who will win? What should we

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