Save yourself grief: Change your email and voicemail response for distribution

We love distribution! We hate cranky parents. In all seriousness, save yourself time and grief by updating your email and voicemail.

Who gets a free book? How many should you provide?

Gratis. Free. No cost. When it comes to yearbook distribution, should any books be given away free of charge? We weigh in on the freebie dilemma.

Sold out is great. But here’s why you should consider ordering extras.

The best yearbook is a sold-out yearbook. However, it’s always smart to have a few extras put away. Here’s why.

Jingle all the way to holiday sales

’Tis the season to focus on yearbook orders. Grab your cocoa, turn up the Christmas music and let’s ring in new sales.

STICK TO IT: Schools let buyers personalize their yearbooks with stickers

Make it your own. Really. Three Balfour schools took the sticker craze to a whole new level with their 2021 yearbooks.

2021 National Yearbook Week: Here are the winners!

National Yearbook Week was a wonderful chance to celebrate yearbook staffs and the importance of yearbooks. The week was full of great contest entries and we’re excited to announce the winners. Each

Build your brand with a distinctive logo

The Nike swoosh. The FedEx arrow. The Starbucks siren. These iconic symbols are instantly recognizable, connecting to the product. Initiate your own brand recognition by creating a student media logo.

Done? Focus your energy on marketing and last-minute sales

If you’ve already made the impossible happen, it’s time to look at other possibilities. Focus your energy on building book excitement and selling additional copies.

Stick to it!

Stickers never go out of style. While we loved gold stars and cute stickers as kids, advisers have learned older students aren’t immune to their charms either.

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