Build your brand with a distinctive logo

The Nike swoosh. The FedEx arrow. The Starbucks siren. These iconic symbols are instantly recognizable, connecting to the product. Initiate your own brand recognition by creating a student media

Done? Focus your energy on marketing and last-minute sales

If you’ve already made the impossible happen, it’s time to look at other possibilities. Focus your energy on building book excitement and selling additional copies.

Stick to it!

Stickers never go out of style. While we loved gold stars and cute stickers as kids, advisers have learned older students aren’t immune to their charms either.

This year is not canceled, and neither is the yearbook.

With a fresh perspective and new year ahead, it’s time to commit not only to the production, but the sale, of your yearbook. Check out these five strategies to get your staff going, plus a

Spread the word: the yearbook is happening

Reassure your audience you’re capturing this historic year and they don’t want to miss out. Share the message to build excitement and boost sales.

Why eMarketing is more important than ever

Campus marketing is a bit tougher when you’re not on campus. More than ever, we should rely on eMarketing to boost yearbook sales.

When the coronavirus first began to spread in the spring, there

2020 National Yearbook Week: Congratulations to our winners!

It was different, but creative yearbook staffs everywhere still found a way to #celebrateyearbook–and the importance of yearbooks–during National Yearbook Week. The week was full of great contest

Let’s Celebrate National Yearbook Week

The ultimate week to celebrate yearbook is almost here! National Yearbook Week is Oct. 4-10, 2020. Take advantage of this national event to celebrate the importance of yearbooks and promote your

Extra planning, flexibility key to 2021 yearbook production

Everything seem upside down? Let’s make it right side up. Everything seem unfamiliar? Let’s make it familiar. Balfour yearbook representative Betty Cruz shares ideas on how to plan for the

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