“You are strong enough to soldier this storm.”

Bridgeland Media staffers meet at a local coffee shop during spring break last week. With growing coronavirus concerns, the yearbook staff wanted to plan finishing the yearbook. The preemptive

Finding the right job for every staffer

We all have them. The kid thrown into yearbook who has no desire to work on it. The student you don’t quite trust in the hallways. The student who’s sweet as can be, but can’t write a story or

Sub ideas: Future Me letter

Creating substitute plans can be more work than it’s worth. It can be especially complicated when students aren’t allowed on computers while you’re out. Here’s one lesson plan that will make your

Win over your staff at a new school

From time to time, we share relevant conversations from our Balfour Advisers Facebook group. This post focuses on staff management for advisers at a new school. Some comments have been edited

Delicious Design

Pictures, copy and Goldfish? Design takes a delicious detour when we teach the elements of yearbook design using food. With a few pantry items, we can turn basic design principles into a tasty

Make a commitment

Establish a love and responsibility for yearbook from the very beginning of the relationship. Consider having a yearbook wedding and vow to make a great yearbook. Don’t forget to celebrate with

Surviving your first year advising

Taking over yearbook is a bit like being thrown into in the deep end of the pool with no life vest. You sink or you swim. But for better or worse, you’re the new adviser. So, grab your swimsuit,

Nine ways to wrap up the year

Are you counting the days till summer vacation? Instead of checking off days, encourage staff members to clean up and close out this year for a fresh start in the fall. Here are nine ways to make

Plan a strong finish for summer and fall books

Not everyone is finished with the yearbook. Summer and fall delivery books are still in the midst of deadline. And with the final bell coming soon, it’s important to strategize to get everything

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