Check on your kids. They may not be OK.

Does this headline make you uncomfortable? It should. Healthy check-ins are a vital part of the growing up process.

Have a holly jolly Staff-mas

With winter break just days away, let’s take a short recess from deadlines and yearbook worries. Reenergize your staff with holiday fun that won’t break the bank.

YB Hacks: Visual reminders aid staffers, ensure consistent design

Sometimes we need to make it a little easier for our yearbook staffers. Visual aids can be the perfect reminders to guide them.

Goodbye yearbook, hello summer!

If you enjoyed Memorial Day, you’re definitely ready for the lazy days of summer. While some schools have already wrapped for the year, we wanted to round up three last-minute things to do.

A yearbook silver lining: Pandemic changes here to stay

Despite the brutal challenges this year, producing a pandemic yearbook had a silver lining. Advisers recently shared changes they’ll keep in place for future staffs and publications.

Teamwork is key for middle schools journalists

As a middle school adviser, Rachel Basden guides her staffers to “learn, live and breathe” leadership from day one. Here’s how she empowers students to become successful yearbook leaders.

Think BIG with our national summer workshop opportunities

Get Inspired. Be Innovative. Go Bigger. Take an enormous leap forward as we offer two national workshops this summer. Join us for a huge chance to prepare for your 2022 yearbook.

Six tips for distribution day success

You’ve gotten the word out, you have the books. Now, you need an orderly way to hand them out. Here are a few tips seasoned advisers use to make the process efficient and easy.

Key strategies to prepare for distribution

Finally. The book is done and the presses are running. While you’re patiently waiting for its arrival, take strategic steps to prepare for the big day.

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