Eight ways to avoid missing deadlines

Whether you’re racing to the finish line or in the thick of it, deadlines can stress out the staff. For spring books, the coming days are imperative. Finish your book or miss delivery day. For fall

Keeping Motivation High: Pom Poms and Pancakes

You did it! They did it! You’re meeting deadlines, flowing class photos in and wrapping up the fall sports pages. With a big project like the yearbook, it’s important to reward achievements along the

Stressed? Who, me? Never. (Well, maybe sometimes.)

The ripple effects of the pandemic are still sending tremors. Students continue to struggle, and teachers are left to deal with the aftershocks. The stress is real, and only those who’ve been inside

What does a top-notch yearbook class look like? Not what most evaluators think.

It’s walk-through time, and as an official evaluator, you’ve got to make the rounds through a publications class. This is the group that publishes the yearbook, runs the online newspaper, compiles a

Motivation, Fun Year Round

Your theme’s chosen, spreads are designed, and everyone knows the drill. Excitement was high those first few weeks, but now your staff has settled into the routine. That initial exuberance has

Celebrate National Yearbook Week with us!

The first week of October each year is when we celebrate all things yearbook. It's also a great time to promote your yearbook and ad sales. In honor of the week and your sale, let's celebrate

Make yearbook life easier with organization tools in your classroom

It’s a Google world now. But just like some people want to hold a book instead of a Kindle, many staffers prefer a physical copy to a digital one. Let’s explore organizational materials that will

Make it visual: Four strategies for the best yearbook ladder organization

Essential to yearbook deadlines, the ladder provides an organizational system for spread planning. In simpler terms: The ladder is the place you write down what goes where. Here are four ways to

Let’s get going. A great year(book) starts here.

Goodbye summer, hello yearbook! While you might not be ready to be back, we are ready to help you with a new school year and book. Let’s walk through checklists and resources for a successful start.

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