It’s never too late to recruit staffers

With an abrupt change in schooling, staffs missed out on a full recruiting season. But really, it’s never too late to recruit for yearbook.

Celebrate a year(book) like no other

Just because it’s been an unusual year, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate our success! Whether staffers are working on pages, waiting for the book or poring over the finished product, it’s important

Before you give out books…

We love distribution day and the excitement of sharing yearbooks with the community. But we also worry about complaints. Hopefully, the unusualness of this year will make people kinder and more

Spread the word: See how schools are updating their buyers

Can I still buy a book? When will yearbooks be here? How will they be distributed? Here’s how five schools are answering buyers’ questions.

Balfour employees sew masks for Waco hospitals

Balfour employees at the letter jacket facility in Waco, TX, have been sewing masks for local hospitals. They were crafted from cap and gown fabric from Gaspard, Balfour’s sister company, also

The faculty meme challenge

There’s a meme for that. Yearbook staffs smartly use humorous memes to promote ad sales and distribution information. But a clever new strategy has schools utilizing their faculty and staff to

“You are strong enough to soldier this storm.”

Bridgeland Media staffers meet at a local coffee shop during spring break last week. With growing coronavirus concerns, the yearbook staff wanted to plan finishing the yearbook. The preemptive

Finding the right job for every staffer

We all have them. The kid thrown into yearbook who has no desire to work on it. The student you don’t quite trust in the hallways. The student who’s sweet as can be, but can’t write a story or

Sub ideas: Future Me letter

Creating substitute plans can be more work than it’s worth. It can be especially complicated when students aren’t allowed on computers while you’re out. Here’s one lesson plan that will make your

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