Make yearbook life easier with organization tools in your classroom

It’s a Google world now. But just like some people want to hold a book instead of a Kindle, many staffers prefer a physical copy to a digital one. Let’s explore organizational materials that will

Make it visual: Four strategies for the best yearbook ladder organization

Essential to yearbook deadlines, the ladder provides an organizational system for spread planning. In simpler terms: The ladder is the place you write down what goes where. Here are four ways to

Let’s get going. A great year(book) starts here.

Goodbye summer, hello yearbook! While you might not be ready to be back, we are ready to help you with a new school year and book. Let’s walk through checklists and resources for a successful start.

Critiques and contests are distinctively different

As you wrap up the year, remember to submit your yearbook for contests and critiques. Let’s dive into the differences between the two and how they can elevate your program.

Conversations to have with your principal

“We’ll reprint it.” Three words that terrify advisers. If you’ve never had a conversation with your principal before the yearbook comes out, now is the time.

Keep the memory alive: Classroom displays celebrate yearbook staffs and covers

It’s a joy when the yearbook comes out. And then you begin working on the next one. Before you move on, capture the magic with a permanent display in your room.

Yearbook mascots to the rescue!

Deadline Dinosaur. Mediation Mouse. Drama Llama. Adopting a yearbook mascot can boost spirits, squash squabbles and build relationships.

Check on your kids. They may not be OK.

Does this headline make you uncomfortable? It should. Healthy check-ins are a vital part of the growing up process.

Have a holly jolly Staff-mas

With winter break just days away, let’s take a short recess from deadlines and yearbook worries. Reenergize your staff with holiday fun that won’t break the bank.

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