Yearbooks just wanna have fun

As schools prepared for 2021 yearbooks, they faced a gloomy realization: the pandemic was far from over. Refusing to wallow in that depressing reality, a fascinating trend emerged. Yearbooks

The Essentials: Theme

Theme is the glue that holds a book together. As part of our “The Essentials” series, we’ll share the basics of theme.

Personality plus: Pick a person to embody your theme

Who will your 2022 book be? Harry Styles? Kate Middleton? Once you know who your book is, you can clearly establish your theme’s personality.

Celebrate National Yearbook Week with us!

Show us your style and creativity and we might just show you a $100 gift card.

One of our favorite weeks of the year is back! An annual traditional, National Yearbook Week celebrates the

Balfour schools dominate college yearbook Design of the Year awards

The Associated Collegiate Press named five Balfour schools as Design of the Year finalists as part of their 2021Individual Awards announcement.

Baylor, North Carolina State named story, photo of year finalist for sports coverage

Two collegiate journalists made the finalist list for the Associated Collegiate Press’ 2021 Individual Awards.

Build your brand with a distinctive logo

The Nike swoosh. The FedEx arrow. The Starbucks siren. These iconic symbols are instantly recognizable, connecting to the product. Initiate your own brand recognition by creating a student media

Start yearbook content with ‘what you missed’ spreads

The beauty of spring delivery is getting those precious yearbooks into the hands of buyers, all before the year ends. The downside is what gets left out.

Where to start? Photography.

First day. New classes. Textbooks. Welcome events. Volleyball matches. Friday Night Lights. The first weeks of school are a whirlwind of new activities, classes and sports to cover. And we need

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