Until next school year…

Congratulations! You’ve wrapped up another school year and yearbook (apologies to summer & fall deliveries, you’re so close!). We wanted to share a few thoughts.

Plan for summer coverage

Don’t let June, July and August go to waste. Before you pack up for the year, gather your returning staffers for one last assignment.

Critiques and contests are distinctively different

As you wrap up the year, remember to submit your yearbook for contests and critiques. Let’s dive into the differences between the two and how they can elevate your program.

Join us in person for the 2022 Adviser Workshop

It really is “a little MORE” this year! After going virtual the last two years, we’re excited to be in person again for the best professional development for yearbook advisers, anywhere.

Congratulations to our Spring 2022 Great Shot Photo Winners!

What a fun edition it was of our semi-annual photo contest! Meet the winners of the Spring 2022 Balfour Great Shot Photo Contest. More than 1,200 excellent submissions challenged our panel of judges

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Take time to appreciate yourself.

Give yourself permission to relax. The year is almost over. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, it’s time to take a moment for yourself.

Save yourself grief: Change your email and voicemail response for distribution

We love distribution! We hate cranky parents. In all seriousness, save yourself time and grief by updating your email and voicemail.

Who gets a free book? How many should you provide?

Gratis. Free. No cost. When it comes to yearbook distribution, should any books be given away free of charge? We weigh in on the freebie dilemma.

Conversations to have with your principal

“We’ll reprint it.” Three words that terrify advisers. If you’ve never had a conversation with your principal before the yearbook comes out, now is the time.

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