Announcing the Latest Great Shot Photo Contest Winners!

Taking over today's Tuesday Tip for a special announcement!

Exploring Themes for Next Year

Selecting a theme is one of the hardest things a yearbook staff does. I mean, how exactly does one choose a theme for a year that hasn’t happened yet? A lot of it is an educated guess.

Let’s Make Next Year’s Book the Best One Yet!

Tuesday Tip: Select one thing to improve next year.

Time for Spring Cleaning

Planning the Perfect Distribution

You've Got It; Now Let's Flaunt It!

Tuesday Tip: Those gorgeous spreads and photos can help you sell books and Balfour can help.

Balfour’s Great Shot Photo Contest has Begun!

You Did It: Time to Celebrate!

Deadline Dilemmas: Ensuring a Smooth Yearbook Submission

Tip: You never really finish editing a yearbook. There’s always one more thing you could do, but the deadline is here, and at some point, you just have to stop editing and submit your book. You have

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