Start yearbook content with ‘what you missed’ spreads

The beauty of spring delivery is getting those precious yearbooks into the hands of buyers, all before the year ends. The downside is what gets left out.

Where to start? Photography.

First day. New classes. Textbooks. Welcome events. Volleyball matches. Friday Night Lights. The first weeks of school are a whirlwind of new activities, classes and sports to cover. And we need

Negri receives JEA’s Medal of Merit

Congratulations to Bellaire High School adviser Andrea Negri, MJE, for being a 2021 Medal of Merit recipient. Negri is one of two advisers the Journalism Education Association honored with the

JEA names Thomas a 2021 Rising Star

Congratulations to Haskett Junior High School’s Candice Thomas for being named a 2021 Rising Star. The Journalism Education Association recently named six teachers as Rising Star recipients,

OPEN ME! The 2022 kit is on its way

You’ve got mail! The 2022 kit is jammed packed with helpful tools to make the yearbook process effective and smooth. Let’s take a peek at the highlights.

Looking ahead to a new year

We asked and you answered! Advisers from across the country weighed in on their biggest goals for this year and what they’re looking forward to.

We’re thinking BIG about 2022 yearbooks

We’re back! It’s our ninth year for Tuesday Tips, a weekly blog about all things yearbook. To kick off, we have a couple of ways to start the year on an epic note.

ACP names Texas Tech a 2020 Pacemaker Finalist

Congratulations to the La Ventana for being named a 2020 Pacemaker Finalist by the Associated Collegiate Press. ACP named five yearbook finalists Tuesday, July 13.

Goodbye yearbook, hello summer!

If you enjoyed Memorial Day, you’re definitely ready for the lazy days of summer. While some schools have already wrapped for the year, we wanted to round up three last-minute things to do.

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