Stick to it!

Stickers never go out of style. While we loved gold stars and cute stickers as kids, advisers have learned older students aren’t immune to their charms either.

New year, new attitude

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! We’re excited to be back and starting our eighth year of Tuesday Tips. And with a new year should come a fresh start and new attitude. We know it’s been a tumultuous

Bonding in a virtual world

Bueller? Bueller? Online learning is reminiscent of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Where’s Waldo books. Your typically chatty staffers have gone silent in the era of Zoom calls. To bring back the

Georgia adviser embraces uniqueness of this year and yearbook

“I’m where I am for a reason—as are all of my yearbook students. Yes, it’s difficult, but most of life’s successes are that much sweeter during difficult times.” Northgate High School yearbook

Let’s Celebrate National Yearbook Week

The ultimate week to celebrate yearbook is almost here! National Yearbook Week is Oct. 4-10, 2020. Take advantage of this national event to celebrate the importance of yearbooks and promote your

Rising to the challenge: rock inspires tradition, empowers staff

A rock with a simple message became a symbol of empowerment and strength for adviser Mike Tobias and his yearbook staff.Going the Distance is a new blog series about embracing yearbook challenges.

Digital tools for yearbook advisers

As many staffs meet virtually, advisers are scrambling for curriculum and lessons they can use remotely. Here are several resources to make planning easier.

Tennessee adviser witnesses staff’s resilience, sees her own growth

Six weeks into school, adviser Caron Peck finds herself adapting to the situation, admiring her staff’s dedication and recognizing her own improved skills.

Everything you need to start your yearbook

Great news! Your yearbook kit is on its way. Here’s a rundown of the resources in the production and planning kits. Plus, in case you missed it, how to access the digital version.

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